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Our Privacy Policy


Bright Cleaning Holds information about individual customers or individuals in a business.

The information will include one or all the following:

1.       Name

2.       Address

3.       Phone number

4.       Personalised email address.

5.       Entry code

Bright Cleaning will hold only the type of information you wish. It does not have to be all the above. For instance, you might want to provide just a phone number or an email address.

This minimal information will be kept only for as long as is necessary for contractual or accounting purposes and you will be consulted about that.

Your Information will be protected.

If itís on a computer, phone, tablet or similar device, access to it will be restricted by password encryption.

If itís on paper it will be properly filed with access to it restricted.

This information is used to:

Make contact about work to be done

Gain entry to do the work

There is no plan to do any thing else with it

The data is not used build a profile about people.

The data is not shared with anyone else.

If in the future it is felt that it would help to share it, you will be asked for permission first.

This information is used to:

Make contact about work to be done

Gain entry to do the work

Bright Cleaning collects the information when the contract is agreed or when you provide additional information needed to get the Job done.


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The data is collected and controlled by:

Charles Bright.

Flat 3 St. Christophers

23, Sutherland Avenue

Bexhill on Sea TN39 3QR


You may withdraw your consent at any time and without giving a reason.

You can do this at any time by contacting Charles Bright by:

Letter at the above address.

Email at

Text to 07930 642880

Call to 07930 642880

Call to 01424 213177


All you need to do is say who you are and something like, I withdraw my consent to my details being kept.